Early July

I saw the pinkish oval buds

Pointing their heads out of the green edges

That look like silicon buttons in the size of minuscule berries


They turned larger

Fuchsia salmon in dozens

Then the first one slowly opened its petal

Like a dragon scale stretching open

Until it blossomed like a fountain of magenta and foam

Day by day the others follow

A majestic display of jolly celebration

Winter cactus

A week later the first one shrivel

Like a pink tissue dried and browned

And the rest follow

One by one they fall unto the dirty brown floor

All of them but one

Still sticking to the green edges

Fiercely decline the law of gravity

As I witness your beautiful shrinking glory

Slowly fading into the dying 

That is the process of life

A cycle of energy bursts

and deaths

No one is exempt

And yet the beauty remains

Winter cactus

Until we meet next year


Image source: www.


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