The past few months

Was a much needed journey

It may not be a choice of the hunt

But it was enough for me


The falls, the beatings, the wounds and all of the pains

They were all truly worth their scarring

Used to think I have reached my patience limit again and again

Boy I surprised myself when I went straight back to working


I may not be enlightened enough or yet;

I may be straying far from the truth seeker

I may be just a conceptualised story in my head,

I may be just the seconds that passed by to disappear


But it has been an absolute pleasure to sit by here

Danced with my fingers and pen glided on the notebook

Created wall of texts letter by letter; imagining Shakespeare

Each slowly built after the other without attempting to overlook


Yearnings of trying to realise dreams that belong in the mind

Have me learned that imaginations can’t even be kept away from the blinds



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