A mere predisposition for self servitude

Is a cunning path to take in the name of solitude

Close all the doors and burn the bridges in astute

Do you see what actually happens here, hey prostitute!


Claim all your pride and glory in destitute

Hide behind the walls and roofs of strict lawsuit

Are you ever really joyful in your pursuit

Never ending sweat and blood just to execute


The dreams beyond dreams of absolute

Revenge and malicious come back so acute

That sleep never sit with you well every offshoot

You awoke blanketed with fear to convolute


Hear me when I say I am here because of you

In grace forgotten long before vengeance due


Have the option to choose mercy over dispute

Lay down your armour and raging anger to transmute

From burning desire to seek refute

No longer you find through forbidden route


Those did you wrong in the name of permute

May not be able to take back what they toot

But humility and modesty serve to boot

All the misunderstandings this world has to restitute




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