Grace and Style

Trying to build a bridge between two opposite nemesis

When all there is but a vast landscape of emptiness

Is like learning from Merlin how to conjure existence to genesis

They said it is a possible labour, full of hidden gems to harness


Where should I start my task?

I am here at my dear spot already

But I am looking around for something to unmask

Expecting everything is at place and all pretty


Of course the journey to change is not with grace or style

As a person who’s been grappling in the dark for years

All I can hope for is a miraculous hint once in a while

To put me on track to the next step I need in facing my tears


But at times all I want to do is just to lay down in exhaustion

Taking a rest after my energy is being depleted by frustration


And even then my soul keeps knocking my door to awareness

Whispering encouragement and guidance with loving kindness



Source image: st


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