Are you a sheep?

So the silly putty has been smacked on the court’s table, sentencing one of the best politicians Indonesia ever had in this new century into jail. The drama is never ending. Everyone has their opinions and one shall save to claim that there is a platform for each and one of them to voice it. Either in WA privy group, outcasted forums, FB timeline, LINE status, Twitter, and what have yous.

It’s a sad sad day for freedom of speech in Indonesia. Because an honest statement can be edited and made to rouse millions of blind followers of a certain faith that holds the majority number in my birth country.

But hey, I am just a watcher here, so lemme share what I have observed from the stupid blasphemous law.

Indonesian muslims are majorly people who have done and known only the basics of rules in Islam. The rest of them are true followers of the teachings that are summarised by the people who claimed that they were more knowledgable than the rest because they studied it, either in a special muslim college or even from SA or other middle-eastern countries where there are hundreds of Islam colleges practicing the education.

Suffice to say, the majority are mere followers, or sheeps, who don’t actually dig or even want to, in the excuse of saying “My teacher taught me this, he is an alumni of xx school in middle east, so he must be right!” Or something similar to that tone.

They don’t care enough to make a check whether what the teacher taught them is true or not. Whether the Qur’an verses that justify the teachings were actually meant for it or not. Their reasonings, “The Qur’an is always saying the truth, it says A then it must mean A.”

Yea  sure, but what in context, idiot?

So when someone edited a video, and it went viral and some “Islam teachers” who were shallow enough to get triggered by their lack of understanding ordered his people to protest against the governor, those sheep followed. Yea, that day they commence their sheep status.

And they did it again and again, proudly stating that what they were doing is a form of defending God’s causes.

Obviously, they’ve misunderstood God’s causes. But meh. Let them stay sheep. Too bad they breed too plenty.

Then under the pressure of these sheep, and other dark useless politicians with bonus hidden mafia bosses, the judges bent and declared the sentences given to the governor. 2 years in jail, people, for a stupid edited video. Thanks blasphemy law; Indonesia, you’ve just sunk yourself too deep in the mud party.

And then there were people who celebrated and had the heart to spread its pictures on the media, which invites it to be viral. Too much?

Too drunk I guess.

And the rest of the sheep were celebrating too of course, since their shepherds did the same. That Islam to you?


I’d rather drink some wine in the flower field with Rumi any day now and get out from those noisy stables.

By design, Qur’an was meant to divide the followers after Muhammad’s death. I don’t know yet what the meaning of this conclusion I found, but yea, definitely for my current understanding, the world we live in is a major game arena. The play books were given into millions of people, but only some survived. And Qur’an is one of it. Now it’s time for the whole world to decide whether this playbook is worth it or not to follow.

The dark ages for Islam has begun this century, folks, for you who are the followers, stay true to your path by learning the true essence of Qur’an, otherwise you’ll be just another sheep following its shepherd. For those who got enough of it and decide to learn about it from the outside, exclude yourself, and seek the history of it, if you like, or maybe seek another belief that suits your current mind. No wrong in doing that. God loves all His/er creations anyway. No exclusions.



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