Last of 2016

I departed from this year with so many gifts and treasures I found along my path during the past year journey in life. I found a huge treasure chest, along with several precious gems along the trail. I found the path to my home, which I have left for the past 6 years, but the building itself was still beautifully and strongly intact, despite the high grass weed it accumulated.

I met with beautiful souls who dedicated their time to help and support others. They did wonders to help me with my journey, especially after the issue I had for the past two months emerged.

I reconnected with my mother and for all the love of god, I feel so grateful that my mother is still healthy and strong in her age.

I found back the path to my creative self, I just realised that the path was blocked by old blockages that were left there years ago in attempt to please my parents. Obviously, the intention was not a healthy one, because of that, I received the blockage.

I learned that in order to be able to help others, I have to be able to express my creative self. This was explained in a brief by Brene Brown in her books. But it was explained in more detailed by Elizabeth Gilber in Big Magic. She gave me a pass card to create my own effin art. So I took it as a permit to do my thang.

How do you connect with someone else when you realise that there is no one who actually listened? Let me get an answer to that.

Update: (9/1/17)

Actually, there is always someone who listens.

Yep.. that’s the answer. Sorry if it’s not as glamorous as you thought.

It can be anyone you never suspected. So, the golden rule is: be skeptical with your thoughts. Try to do that especially when you feel suspiciously icky in your body…

And how to know if someone listens?

Why, see the response you got by listening to your surroundings and what is within you.


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