For the Free Spirited

I saw you when you were just  standing below the chair.

You were looking deep in pain yet you thought you hold all the blame in the world.

Didn’t you know your survival method kept that free spirit buried alive inside your psyche.

Up till 3 decades later.

Where I finally decided it is time to face our truth together.

We are non-conformists.

So the explanation were agreed amongst the ‘experts’ about what defines a free spirited person.

We know our truth.

We are pained when we do not follow it.

When we ignore it to please other people so they won’t leave us alone.

We were so afraid of being alone.

But when we finally embrace loneness, we realised, it is the only state of being where we can be true to ourselves.

So then we began the journey.

We thought finding a label to define our personality would be a good start.

We were curiously enthusiastic with all the different personalities that could possibly be stamped upon our social self.

But on what cost if those stamps did nothing to convey the truth?

That we are what we are because other people are what other people are.

Then we met this lady.

One of the kindest soul we never expected to meet in our current state of being.

That is, the state of chaotic and destructive despair.

She held our hand, figuratively, through out the darkness that we must pass until the end of the tunnel, of which we are starting to be able to see now.

She told us, “You are a free spirit.”

We stared back at her.

“But why?”

She smiled brightly.

“Because you stick with your truth, you didn’t bow down to your family’s request, to your spouse, to your entire culture. You know your truth and you follow it.”

We smiled back.

“I guess I am.”

* *

It took me 3 decades to get my courage to follow what I feel true.

I left my country.

I left my comfort zone back up plan.

I left my dreams.

And I decided to create my reality from scratch.

According to my values.

And my own terms.

And it took me 3 decades to do this.

* *

It is not about mere behaviour and attitudes.

Free spirit is about knowing your real self.

And do all you can to follow its guidance.

Yes, it is as simple as that.





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