Blundering Fool

Not a big fan of being offended by anything that goes beyond my standard expectation, but well, I always ended up doing so.

Like, for example, reading the news about another death of a tiger in a zoo. I feel offended by the sheer irresponsibility human possess in this matter.

So the society decided that they need a zoo in their city. But, they won’t care about the treatment the animals get to satisfy their need to see one in the cage.

And I feel my stomach churning by the selfishness and obliviousness of the institutions that were held responsible for this zoo lives captivity.

What is happening in their mind?

I want to enter it and question it non-stop.

Why. Why. Why did they agreed on opening a zoo in the first place if the animals are mismanaged. If it results in sad deaths. If the negatives outweighs the positives.

I see a country like my birth country as blunderingly stupid, not just because the mismanaged nature and human potentials, but because they can be more and have that knowledge to be more, but they chose not to.

Ah well, another rant to post about.



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