Mind, Heart, and Feelings

Differentiating between mind, heart, and feelings took a long, slow, hard, and lonely journey for me. I wished I had not gone longer than what I had went through, but well, I did.

And boy, I’m glad it did.

Thing is, the only time I realised that there is a difference between heart, mind, and feelings was like 4 years ago. And boy did I struggle just to differentiate between those three.

Anyways, I used to spend my earlier decades thinking and believing that any word that mentally being heard in my own ears must have came from my heart. Despite the oh-so-many movies, animations, stories that depicted the devil and the angelic forces behind those messages, which means there “are” bad and good mental messages… which may successfully made me inclined to believe that I was indeed born with a dirty bad dark heart.

Then obviously my upbringing with the Abrahamic stories cultivated my nature and belief, which of course made me sure that my heart was indeed oh so dark.

But hey, once I got fed up with all those kind of thoughts, I got help from the belief saying that our universe, this includes everything in it, is neutral. Neither good nor bad. Everything is just … is. You can think of them as… anything. They don’t care. And guess what, your heart does not either. Actually, even your self does not care whether they are good or bad, because basically your soul has shared the secret that everything is what you believe as is.

Hm… so, your self and your soul is different parts of the same coin.

Tricky isn’t it?

I used to think everything is enmeshed together.

Which I suspect now, maybe not.

Anyways…. that’s another story that I maybe will share if I got the time and willingness for it.

So…. how to differentiate between heart, mind, and feelings?

I guess in everyone that will be different.

I used to think that heart is not going to say anything to us. But apparently my heart did mutter a few words in dire time. I guess. (I might be wrong, it might just be my mind having a moment of verbal wisdom as it sees fit.)

And mind, is always verbal and visual…. but most of the times, when it took the auto-pilot seat, it will create havoc within your body due to its chaotic and suicidal tendencies… which will directly affect your:

Feelings. Any sensation that your body feels. But when it comes from the mind, using false thoughts, it will give you painful sensations, and when it comes from your heart, it definitely will bring the peaceful sensations.


I guess the evil and angelic forces depicted in the movies were simply manifestations between the sensations we got in our body.

Everything that brings peaceful sensations, comes from your soul, and only your heart holds the key to its path.

Every visual, audio, memory, idea, and verbal mental message (thought) that bring painful racing restless sensations, comes from your mind, and only with patience and practice will help it grow mature into wisdom.

Knowing well to differentiate between them is a step to knowing your self, which is always a good survival technique in life.

At least that how it works for me. And now, you.



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