The Good Starter

So either early next month or late this month we will be moving again to a new property. This time, I really let everything flows with trying my best not to interfere in any kind of form.

It’s simply a way for me for another gazillion attempt at being… present.

So yeah, I’m on another journey for being the responsible mature adult I am inspiring myself to be.

Tired to follow the verbal society conditioning that sometimes pingpong-ed my rapid attention from being a left fencer to the right side… this time, being on the control side of my own awareness. Consciousness. What say you about the label of being at present.

I ain’t follow any side.

That is my aim.


Seriously, fellas…

If you really want it, you will find it.


Because it is always there.

And because your destiny will always find its way to you.


I am a really good starter, but the worst finisher.

This time, no excuse for avoidance, despite how much I hate nosy people.

No excuse for acting out of fear and revenge, despite how much I dislike discomfort feelings.

No excuse for not trying to be honest, or act with integrity, because that is my deepest belief. To live within my principal, or just die trying.


Why trying to live a long life if you throw away your integrity… for easy gains that outlive you in a couple of years?


“I’m so ready to die now.

No regret.

Help me G-d.”

So whispered the sailor.


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