In my humble realisations, I have learned that despite the oh-so-many scientific studies scattered around the earth, there is no “rightest” food or diet or non-diet to eat for the general human beings.

What is true, for me at the very least, what really matters is HOW we eat.

“The best way to eat is with happiness!” So said a wise alchemist (source is needed).

Thus I concluded:

Never ever eat with “negative” emotions. 

Define negative emotions!

According to me:

Any emotion that is created in our bodies, due to whatever thought crosses our minds, which made our bodies feel forced, thus causes our bodies to do any action unnaturally.

So if your current diet, whatever the type is, made you feel happy, go for it. For whatever reasoning you have.

And if your current diet made you feel forced, burdened, and vexed.. time to introspect cautiously.

However, the core of this reasoning may go toward the spiritual pathway, and spirituality is something that every person will experience, but not necessarily at the same moment or the same dimension.

So, in short, what I am trying to say is, try mindfulness. Mindful eating, or conscious eating, or eating with full awareness… or as the 21st century spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle might say, eating with the power of now.

Oh well..

Off to play with my food now!


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