Review Product: Sungods Extreme Maca Powder

In my quest to find “the best” maca powder product for my family, I made myself read so many reviews and tasted plenty of products, and so far I found this product as one of the best and affordable for its quality Australia-wide, based on my list of:

  • ease to store: just cut it open on the top and slid it close for storing in a dry and closed cupboard
  • ready to eat: it’s gelatinised – great for anyone with low thyroid issue
  • delicious: clean, nutty, a bit sweet tasted
  • energy-wise: I feel my energy surplus way more after eating this one
  • physical effect: bigger boobs (maybe pure coincidence?), longer period cycle (from 28 CD to 30 CD), stable mood (feeling more peaceful? maybe just my imagination..), and painless period (woohoo!)

I haven’t checked their facility at all for guaranteeing that they indeed are using genuine Peruvian maca root, but despite of that, I like the product’s after-effect in my body.

I am not affiliated how so ever with this company, and there is no paid-review for it (not that I know of), but I’m so pissed with the fake products that are sold oh-so-plenty in common grocery stores (like that certain-ways brand) and cheap ebay stores (fake chinese maca, anyone?) that I decided to make a promotion for this one.

But gotta buy it in a certain health store in order to get the discounted price. For that task, anyone can google and go find out themselves.

Have fun.


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