Selamat Hari Terakhir 2015

Setelah ngelarin semua tugas dan kewajiban selama tahun 2015, merasa bersyukur dan terpukau dengan achievement yang sudah diraih dalam waktu setahun, kini waktunya mengembangkan ruang untuk menyambut tahun 2016.

Warning: paragraf berikut sampe ujung bawah isinya adalah uneg-uneg pribadi. Kalo tetep mau baca, monggo!

I hate self pity.

Yet my reality showed that most of the people I live with flaunt this activity proudly. They sell it for free in front of the camera which erroneously broadcasted by the uninspired media in my birth country.

Watching the international TVRI show, compared it to other international TV channels from neighbouring countries, I must say TVRI is very appalling. The quality of the content, the visual display, the audio quality, the way they present any news, and the dimension of the picture… they are all a complete eye sore.

But hey, who am I to complain? I am not in any way attached to patriotism for any country, but I am attached to the fact that most of the things that shaped who I am today started from that country. For better or worse, I spiritually inclined to believe that somehow, centuries before I agreed to enter this human world, I must have designed a map-of-life that started with my birth in that country. Now that I am not physically there, I realised I still have big attachments, though not to live there, but mostly to feel unlimited concerns about the future of it.

The future of it? I am being dramatic and hysterical.

But well.. despite knowing most of the times everything goes right rather than wrong, I can’t feel proud of the people in this country. I’m chalking it to the sombre appearance of the pessimistic character within, who is attached with all the “bad things” that had happened in the past 7 decades.

Funny how I distrust the people in it, but I’m in love with the land and the beauty of the wild in Indonesia.

What to do with that situation? It would seem to be similar like what happened in South America or Africa…where there are a lot of miraculous wilderness beauty on the land, prepare to deal with the lowest of low human souls that work as its corrupt authorities.

Yucky fact of reality in nowadays world.

However, at the same mo, I do not have any respect for Westerners whose hobby is to invade other countries and made them as commonwealth members.

* * *

So, I was just planning to be less critical towards the institutions in this tropical country, somehow, an incident of passport renewal made me cancel the attempt.

Did you know that Indonesian Embassies have an official website for each country they are located in? Did you know that they do not check the emails or answer the phone calls directed to them? Did you know that the lowest staff working there could pocket up to $4000 each month? Yet they work solely for beings that materialised in front of their proximity. Which means, they are gaptek. They do not know how to operate emails or even pick up phone calls. And thus their useless website is a waste of money. The useless official landlines and official mobile phones are a waste of money. The gaptek staffs are a waste of money.

Geezz.. the wasted money caused by employing these people. Imagine.

Compare it to the unemployed youth in the country that are NOT gaptek, that are able to pick up phone calls and reply to emails, that are happy to get salary UNDER $4000…


How annoyed and concerned I am with the future of my birth country with people like these officials hanging around.


Can’t wait to see what will happen next year.



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