Some Cas-Cis-Cus in English

Some interesting rumours came up. They said, some muslims in my birth country were being outright sensitive if anyone was making fun of their religion, which unfortunately IS a thing that me and my mates like to share.

The rumour bearer, which was an old lady in the family, told my mate to low his fizz, as he was used to spread around hysterical notions that surrounded the religious belief that he encountered whenever he went back to his mummy’s home.

For instance, the ridiculous fact that most muslim women in the country wear hijab. Something that a decade ago was not happening. And was not anticipated to be so. We called them “ninjas” — and they are plenty.

Ninjas are not horrific, obviously, what is horrendous is the righteous act and controlling demeanour they force to other Islam beings that don’t care enough to copy what they are doing. For instance, they will preach other Islam women about their knowledge of Islam (which unfortunately is too limited), then they will force their women friends to only have relationship with muslim men, then they will ultimately rejoice when they can pair couples up (especially until them couples enter marriage ceremonies) because it will guaranteed them a ‘property’ in heaven. Or after-life.

But there are also some ninjas that are unusually obsessed with the bent doctrines. They, who have unusually high level of education and IQ (arguably) — usually very, very low EQ and self-esteem — during their teens, tend to make incorrect statements regarding other muslim women who won’t join their clans. For instance, they claim that for any relationship disagreement happening between a couple (man and wife), the blame will ‘always’ be put on the wife, if the man ever decided to have an affair.

Jeez.. (shakes head very hard) they are the epitome of horribleness. To this I am giving you my truthful testimonies.

Them kind in my family is rather subtle. They are nicer, for instance, they will not attack other family members who will not follow the religious doctrine to a tee. But they constantly will urge anyone around them to pray. And pray. And more praying.

Every time a sentence came out from their mouth, they will follow it with ‘Insya Allah’. And the other will close it up with a solemn ‘Amen’. All-the-time.

Then, whenever a painful event in life occurs, they will urge the person to perform ‘taubat’ (repentance) rituals. It can be in the form of asking forgiveness to the person they did wrongdoings to, 3-days-fasting, after midnight prays, zakat, or crying while kissing the ‘sajadah’ (Islam praying rug).

Maybe, the most hilarious tick we have for these religious group is their passive and hypocrite syndrome. So they are content when people around them doing the same thing that they chose to do, but when an atrocious sin have been done publicly — by a muslim or not — they will practically either be docile as a slug or hostile as a horny rooster.

Most of the time, when the authorities in the country did some horrible crime, for instance: f***king some underage kids, drowning an entire village full of poor people, murdering an important witness or a heroic activist, and (usually) corrupting the whole portion of a quarterly national budget to entertain his mistress and treat his entire folk to shop in Milan —

What will the righteous Islam do?


1. They will say ‘Astagfirullah’ and then told their family and friends about the news

2. If they are watching the news together, they will shake their heads in remorse, watch the news until it ends, and commented, ‘calon penghuni neraka’ (future hell dwellers), and then resolve to feel good about their own righteousness

3. Or if they are freakish enough, they will cite verses from the Islam Bible to express the severe punishments that those criminals will face. In the afterlife, of course.

4. And then they will wait until a few days, weeks, months later when the criminals get punished by the national court.. usually they don’t agree with the severity of the punishments, but hey, tough luck. Those criminal authorities have already negotiated their sentences and the watchers can only enjoy the glimpses of the real show.

In the instance that a hostile group of muslim performers rise up, usually the cause is due to the FEAR issue running amok in the nation — this means that tiny island in the western side of the country where the capital city resides.

Usually the culprit behind these rumours are small nasty people who yearns fulfilling events happening in their tiny little life. Remember:

only small-minded, nasty people who think that violence against other beings in the name of anything (in this case, ISLAM, brotha!) is acceptable. 

They will spread the FEAR by social media, or emails, or smart phone messaging service (the cheapest form available, if possible) — unfortunately, the increasing easiness of using internet service may cause these culprits easily done their jobs.

And the deceivable muslims, usually old women (yep.. like my mummy), are the first ones falling into their traps. Then, these fragile minded women (my mates’ mummies as well), will tell their family members how horrible danger is at imminent edge of their supposedly safe dwellings. Yep, just because they currently have nothing important to do. (Jeez, they should be retiring in peace already!)

After receiving feedback for the FEAR rumours, then the hostile version of this religious group will gather an immense masses of people (usually numb and dumb people who really have nothing else important in their lives — interestingly, they tend to be young ones, great candidates for ISIS!) and then, they perform sweeping, in a sense of getting rid the cause of the FEAR.

If the issue is a religious tribe under the name of Islam, like Ahmadiyah, then poor suckers, they will be hunted like feral beasts in an open yard. It had happened where this Islam group, different belief and teachings from most majority of Islam in the country, had its members being killed by hostile people under the flag of FPI — or maybe other organisation. (Note: search for the news and you’ll know what group did the ridiculous crime, and also the atrocious sentences they accepted after the court ruled them out.)

Now when I read around, some new issues of FEAR are being blown up in increasing heat; the increasing members of Christian people (no wonder!) in the country, the new religion of Islam – Christian combination, the westernisation in tandem with the rise of economy and industrial-technology developments, the drug-using issue still imminent in the President’s mind, etc… (you know, I haven’t updated to the real deal of nowadays hot topics, but these examples suffice enough.)

So well… usually, the middle ground Islam families, who chose to be as neutral as their minds wished, will be the murmurers.

They are not as passive as a docile slug, and they certainly are against the hostile as a rooster fanatics, but in their own stance, they stand in their own island… which is a back scene of anything grey.

The grey area usually lightened up by the taste of cleanliness and freshness. What these middle ground family stand for, if they are not in the direction of being clean, will be the light to heavy criminal activities like bribing, corrupting, cheating, planning homicides, etc..

And these middle ground families… like my family and mates’ families, they are the murmurers. They are most comfortable if you do what they do. Just like interacting with the mob, join them, if you don’t want to get to their bad side. Otherwise, get a very golden expertise that they know is useful for them, then they will be accepting you no matter how different you are with them.

Got more to share? Just put it in a comment.

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